Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas Presents!

This year for Christmas I was spoilt rotten with lovely gifts! My birthday is early on in December too, so getting two lots of gifts within a month certainly leaves me feeling very indulged (not so much midway through the year, however- it does have its downsides!) 

I got a Cath Kidston spray flowers dinner set, Womanity by Thierry Mulger,  Grey's Anatomy seasons 1-6 boxset, Alice in Wonderland, The Emperor's New Groove, Soap and Glory You Cube, Jamie's 30 Minute Meals, crystal cut wine glasses, Accessorize lingerie, an aromatherapy oil set, an addictaball, a jewellery roll, and all the usual chocolate, socks, face masks, nail care bits, bath and body stuffs! Also this amazing egg basket which I forgot to add!

One of my favourite things I got has to be my Cath Kidston spray flowers dinner set bought for me by my Gran. I actually work at Cath Kidston so I was a bit flabbergasted that she'd managed to sly that one past me (and I have to admit, slightly horrified that she would have spent so much money as I get staff discount) but she reassured me all was not as it seemed (and has not told me much more!).

My boyfriend out did himself this year and bought me the Topshop leather clutch I had been lusting after and finally gave me the handmade Turkish rug we had bought when we were in Istanbul in September (I knew about this one!). We got it from Punto of Istanbul, which is an amazing 500 year old carpet shop. The inside of the building is painted with the most beautiful murals and the rooms seemed specifically designed for showcasing carpets of varying sizes-vast expanses of wood, leather seats and carpets all the way round. We were shown a $90,000 silk rug which had taken over ten years to make-it was just absolutely mind boggling beautiful but only in our wildest dreams something that we could ever afford, so we settled on a green and purple jewel number that had taken over a year to make (and was both a fraction of the size and a fraction of the price). It's stunning and one of my favourite purchases ever. I can see it being a family heirloom in the future! (The pictures below do no justice, I've got to say!) 

I really do feel like the luckiest girl ever this Christmas! 

did we all have a good one?  


  1. Love the pictures in the post! Great blog I'm now following :)


  2. Ohh, that wallet is truly amazing <3 I love love love the scalloped hem!

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  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Well aren't you a lucky girl! That floral dinner set is especially gorgeous! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. aw you got some lovely things :) x

  5. really sweet christmas presents :) now following!!


  6. These are all really great!


  7. Lovely presents, you lucky girl! Please check out my blog.

    Laura x

  8. Awww lovely gifts, I love that Cath Kidston dinner set, so pretty! The Topshop clutch is so lovely as well



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