Friday, 30 December 2011

What I Wore

Jumper: New Look
Denim shirt: Charity shop
Skirt: New Look
Tights: Primark
Boots: Topshop
Bag: Coach 

Quick outfit post. Excuse the blanked out face, I was pulling THE MOST awkward winky face. The boyfriend snapped these, so I only had the one of this outfit too. I also had work in the evening hence the black bottom half. It makes getting ready mid-afternoon so much easier! The jumper was bought in the New Look sale for me by my Mum as a treat. It's so warm and a lovely mix of rusty reds. Denim shirt (worn underneath) was from a charity shop in Birmingham. Leather Coach bag courtesy of COW vintage! It always amazes me how cheap vintage leather bags are compared with new ones! I've bought good sized vintage leather bags for £2 before now, when for the same size brand new your look at least £40+. Craa-zy.
Hope you all had as lovely Christmas as I did! I got some really lovely things so I'll be doing a post on those soon. What made my Christmas however, was having all my family round on the same day and enjoying festive music, games and good food! :)


  1. Love this outfit! So true about vintage leather, it's about the only vintage item which hasn't quadrupled in price! Have a lovely new year :)

    Fashion Stereotype

  2. great outfit! i love the jeans blouse underneath it:)


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