Monday, 12 December 2011


My name is Katy, or Katy B. I am a twenty-two year old aspiring fashion designer, student and department shoppe worker hailing from Middle England.  I have a lovely boyfriend of four and a half years, and a penchant for design/art/fashion but not necessarily in that order.

Mieux is my pet project, primarily set up to give me something positive to focus my spare time and energy on. A fashion/lifestyle/culture blog I hope to provide original content on a daily basis, although I know with the abundence of fantastic fashion/lifestyle blogs out there that it might be an impossibility! I have lots of ideas, however, and I'm excited to make a start. 

As briefly mentioned, Mieux has been created to give me something positive to focus on. I hope that it will give me the outlet I need to feel more positive about my life in general. I want to share things that I love and like and feel inspired by and hope that you do too! 

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