Friday, 16 December 2011

What I Wore

Top: Vintage
Jeans: Miss Selfridge Petite
Shoes: River Island
Coat: Topshop
Pocket Watch Necklace: Vintage 
Ring: Birthday present off my parents

First day off in forever and I'm out of uniform and into my new jeans-a recent aquasition when Selfridges were doing their Christmas Comes early promotion. They are super comfy and I'm just completely in love with the colour. The cheese cloth top is a purchase made a few years back at a vintage fair in Lincoln. Completely laid back-non effort today- as it should be on my only day off in 8 days! Looking forward to dressing up for work's Christmas do in the Mailbox on Sunday, however!


  1. love your outfit!!
    laur x

  2. Love the coat! I was going to buy this one but it didn't fit me so well! :( x

  3. that coat is so sweet, i have a camel coloured version of it but i wish i had got the navy one instead! (or maybe aswell :))

    just came across your blog today and wanted to say that it's really sweet!

    from helen @ thelovecatsINC


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